Ride for Joe

Honors those Impacted by Cancer

and Leukemia

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Save the date - Ride for Joe will be held on August 13th, 2022

See details below.

In collaboration with the Oneida County Sheriff's Office, our ride is Oneida County's first and only that is dedicated to those impacted by Cancer and/or Leukemia.

Rider Coordinator
Leland McCormac
(315) 520-2329

Information for Riders

  • Ride for Joe will be on August 13th.
  • After Completing the Registration Form, Please Donate $50
  • Accepting $50 Donations for the Ride That Honors Children Impacted by Cancer and Leukemia

Registration Form

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Ride for Joe Route

  • 16.8 Miles
  • Left on Stop 7 Rd (.2 Miles)
  • Left on Stone Road (.2 Miles)
  • Right on Peckville Rd (.8 Miles)
  • Right on Cider Street (3.6 Miles)
  • Left Onto West Carter Road (2.3 Miles)
  • Right on Stop 7 Rd (.4 Miles)
  • Right on Westmorland Rd (.7 Miles)
  • Right on East Main St. (1.8 Miles) Stop at Meelin’s for a Group Photo.
  • Leave the Sheriff’s Office and Turn Left Onto 840
  • Station Road to Seymour’s Diner (1.3 Miles)
  • Left on East Main St. (1.7 Miles)
  • Take Your Immediate Right Turn Onto Coleman Mills Road
  • Cross Rt. 233 Onto Bartlett Road (3.3 Miles)
  • Left on Station Road (.5 Miles) ***final Mile Ride Begins Here***

BBQ & Band after we ride to Seymour’s in Westmoreland!

*Final Mile Riders: Be At The Westmorland Fire House At 10:30***